DELUXE FUNDING - $100 per asset

In addition to preparing all the transfer documents, Deluxe Funding offers the follow through to ensure each asset is funded correctly. We submit all signed documents to the companies for processing and review each verification as they come in. Once we have confirmation of each account change, we combine them into a final Completion Package which can be useful during annual review meetings and estate administration.


Provide us with a statement for each asset and we review and prepare an organized Asset Table. Once the Asset Table has been prepared and allocations inserted, we are able to move forward to Basic or Deluxe Funding Services. This can also be selected as a standalone service if you plan to have your clients self-fund.

BASIC FUNDING - $50 per asset

We contact the financial institutions to acquire the correct forms and fill them out for the clients to sign. Each package begins with signing instructions, and includes an Instruction Letter, Confirmation of Action page, and completed forms for each asset. The followup process will be left for your office or the client to complete.


Assets can be grouped as one if they meet ALL the following criteria:

  1. Current Ownership/Registration are identical
  2. Held at the same Financial Institution
  3. The account type is the same (i.e. Cash, Investment, Retirement, Life Insurance)
  4. Ownership and/or beneficiary changes are identical